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Novak SS Pro Brushless Motor 13.5T

£78.58 Ex VAT
£94.29 Inc VAT

Based on Novak’s Velociti-Series Racing brushless motors, Novak is pleased to announce its new SS Pro-Series racing brushless motors.

SS8.5 Pro Brushless Motor is 8.5 turns, and similar to a 15-17-turn mild-modified brush motor.

SS10.5 Pro Brushless Motor is 10.5 turns, and similar to a 19-turn brush motor.

SS13.5 Pro Stock Brushless Motor is 13.5 turns, and similar to a 27-turn racing stock brush motor.

SS17.5 Pro Brushless Motor is 17.5 turns and is ideal for use in vintage Trans-Am racing and 17.5-turn brushless-class organizations, such as Brushless Racing League* and Southwest Tour. It is also approved for ROAR spec-brushless racing.

SS21.5 Pro Brushless Motor is 21.5 turns and is the slowest motor in the SS Pro Series. It was specifically designed to offer oval and beginning drivers an even slower option, which makes it ideal for extended run times .When using a 2S Li-Po pack, the SS21.5 Pro brushless motor can match the speed of the Novak SS10.5 Pro (NE3410) brushless motor on a 4-cell Ni-MH pack.

The SS13.5 received several new upgrades for improved performance. The first upgrade to the SS13.5, and a standard feature of the SS Pro Series, is the Novak ROAR-approved, Nickel-plated Sintered Neodymium rotor. The rotor is the same high-performance rotor that the Velociti 3.5R motor currently features. The rotor is ideal for use with any and all applications and provides many benefits, including:

  • Significantly increased magnetic strength for improved throttle feel
  • Improved, stronger motor braking power
  • Improved performance in higher temperature conditions
  • Improved motor acceleration and power
  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower current draw
  • Nickel-plated rotor for a long lasting, smooth, clean finish
  • ROAR approved

The second upgrade to the SS13.5, and a standard feature of the SS Pro Series, is the set of ribbed aluminum end bells. The lightweight aluminum end bells not only reduces the overall weight of the motor, but the ribbed design also acts as a heat sink by efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor.

The last upgrade to the SS13.5 is the orange timing ring located on the rear end bell. The color-coded, non-removable, non-replaceable timing ring will be of great assistance to race directors and officials in ensuring the correct motor is used during racing. The timing ring is a visibly easy way to check that racers’ are compliant with race rules. The SS10.5 Pro features a blue timing ring located on the rear end bell.

The SS Pro brushless motors will be equipped with all of the great standard features found on all Novak motors, including: a convenient Solder Tab System for easy wire replacement; Sensor-Based Technology for excellent starting torque, low-speed drivability, and smooth acceleration; the same Oversized Front Bearing used in Novak’s Velociti-series motors that is more rugged, extra durable, and helps extend motor life; and Thermal Overload Protection (when used with a Novak brushless ESC) that allows pack after pack to be run without fear of damaging the motor, battery, or speed control.

Of its many features, its sensor-based design allows for most of the motor's important benefits, including the following:

No Cogging Thanks to constantly knowing the rotor position, the motor provides instantaneous throttle response & smooth transitions from neutral to drive. The rotor position knowledge is attained due to the ESC & motor being continuously synchronized via the motor harness.

Smooth & Controlled Low Speed Driveability Always knowing the rotor angle is key to smooth acceleration without delivering abrupt and uncontrolled bursts of power.

Strong/Consistent Brakes & Starting Torque
Rotor position knowledge results in consistent starts & stops, without hesitation or inconsistent lag times before acceleration or braking--this translates to consistant lap times.

Thermal Protection
Position & temperature sensors inside motor provide unparalleled thermal protection, letting you to run pack after pack without worrying about overheating the motor, ESC, or magnets.

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  • Model: NE3413
  • Manufactured by: Novak

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